Project Description


Most importantly, we’ll have fun !

Ive been around animals all my life and animals can quickly identify “animal people”

The shoot will be relaxed and informal, un-hurried and I’ll be there to capture natural shots of your pet and you (if you want to be in the photos !)

 My aim is to to create  special memories for you to treasure forever, a moment captured in a frozen split second of time.

I want to capture the character of your pet , and image that you’ll look at and think “Wow, that really   captures his / her personality”

Before the photo shoot we’ll have a chat and work out what’s best for you and your beloved pet . The shoot will be bespoke to you both and will be catered for old, young, healthy and the infirm. We’ll go to a place your dog feels secure, safe and happy.

If you’ve athletic or working dogs and would like some actions shots, I’d be more than delighted to include those too